The sky is the limit. Or is it?

Lone Star Paramotor is here to help you reach new heights and turn your aviation dreams into reality. Our mission is to help you gain the freedom to achieve more in life. Experience your dreams of flight and embrace the amazing adventure that awaits with our passionate flight team.

Meet the Experts Who Set Us Apart

Ron Toran Owner, LSP Instructor

Ron Toran Owner, LSP Instrutor

Ron Toran grew up in New York before moving to Boston, MA, to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at Northeastern University. After moving to Texas, he continued his education at …

Travis Landry LSP Instructor

Travis Landry LSP Instrutor

All forms of aviation have enamored Travis Landry for as long as he can remember. Inspired by his pilot grandfather and uncles, he knew that someday he would fly too. A true example of dreams coming true, …

Cody Smith LSP Instructor

Cody Smith LSP Instrutor

My interest in aviation began at an early age. I was intrigued by hearing my grandfather describe his investigations of U.S. Airforce crashes. I was so enthused about airplanes and flying in general, …

Mark George LSP Instructor

Mark George LSP Instrutor

As a child we traveled around the United States my father was in the Air Force.. Once I got older I enlisted in the US Army and once I got out I came home and started working, …

Tommy Roberts LSP Instructor

Tommy Roberts LSP Instrutor

Hi, I’m Tommy! I first found powered paragliding through YouTube, and knew the second I saw it I had to learn how to fly. I’ve been flying for 4 years and it has been the best experience, …

As a certified USPPA and ASC paramotor training school, we’re proud to share our love of flight with past, current, and new students. Our training, support, and comprehensive flight curriculum are backed by a highly skilled and dedicated team of aviators. Learn more about our accomplishments!

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